New Tools Coming to the Hackspace! Tablesaw/Vaccuform

Hi everyone!

Through a tool trade, we have a few new and exciting tools coming to the hackspace!

You may have noticed we are selling our table saw… that’s because we have a brand-new table saw coming to us! In 2-3 weeks we have a new SawStop 1.75hp Professional Cabinet Saw!!!

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a Vaquform DT2 vacuuformer coming to the space. There’s potentially more to announce but details are still getting worked out.

We are also getting a heat treating oven, a Paragon KM 14t

I’ll have more to share soon, but please be patient with us as we get these tools into the space. We expect the new table saw to require training so please be on the lookout for details as the new wood shop committee hammer out the details.

Happy making everyone!!!


hurry up … this stormtrooper armor isnt going to form its self… jk… thanks mike . jon and freinds for organizing this


Huge thanks to Jon for helping organize the large tool trade, the surplus committee and Matt for helping move things around and test stuff!

Extra thanks to all the people’s brains I picked over the last few weeks about various tool options.


Hey all, it took longer than expected to finally get the last item, but I wanted to update this to include that we’ve also gotten a Heat Treating Oven!

See the details here:

The kind people at Canadian Knifemaker’s Supply have helped us obtain this awesome oven that should help in metalworking and jewelry work.



@mike Wow! that’s awesome. It’s made for heat treating knives.


Amazing! Thank you for making this happen.

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