New Honeycomb Workbed for Laser


Please welcome Harry Honeycomb to Vancouver Hack Space.

Harry’s available to hold your small and/or lightweight materials like paper and leather that would otherwise fall through the supports. Harry can also help minimize the scorches that can occur on the backside of your parts due to reflections of those same supports.

Please be gentle with Harry: the alumni honeycomb is delicate and easily bent. Try to avoid cutting on top of the external frame. Please store Harry carefully beside the laser when you’re finished.

Harry is about 400mm x 600mm.

Multi-V Grid Paper Fold - Adventures in Paper Folding

Thank you Jake, it will certainly help all of us. Very well done, your time spent on this will be remembered by us as we use it. Great idea.


That is indeed a thing of beauty!!!


I used it yesterday, works great, thanks!


Yay much appreciated!