My First Patch with VHS Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

VHS recently picked up a Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine.

I wanted to take a stab at creating my own design.

I already had a miniature painting stencil design as an svg that was 1.5x1.5in so I started with that.

Inkscape has an extension called Ink/Stitch that will create a file that you can use with your embroidery machine.

There are lots of Ink/Stitch videos and help tutorials on creating your own files on the web so I won’t go into any details on my patch conversion. I spent an evening playing around with Ink/Stitch and came up with a simple two colour design.

It takes about 15 minutes to embroider with one thread/colour change.

There appeared to be some issues with stretching which meant that the black and white edges did not line up. This may be a result of my hoop tension not being tight enough or perhaps my thread density settings need to be adjusted in Ink/Stitch.

Overall for a first try it does not look too bad.

You can see where the black vertical does not line up with the white vertical

The puckering is more visible on top and bottom edges

Stretching is visible on back as well.


Very cool. Thanks for posting your trial.