Material Approval Request (Laser): Rustoleum Painters Touch Spray Paint (Laser etch on spray painted acrylic)

hello… for LCC consideration. i would like to etch through spray paint into arcylic.
the paint i want to use is a satin finish but its proving difficult to find exact information. i did find information for the semi-gloss version.


Do you have the exact model number for the paint?

sorry. no model number

here’s a link to the matt at Lowes as well.

still no idea why my searches only show up the 2X coverage version.

Confirmed to be this

Product: (edited)


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Thanks detective!

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Lasercutting some painted wicker furniture eh? :smiley:

i hear the Boomers are paying big money for it these days

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Thank you for bringing this request to the attention of the laser cutter committee.

Rustoleum Painter’s Touch N1974830 Multi-Purpose Spray Paint has been approved for use on the VHS laser cutter.

Please make sure that paint is 100% dry before cutting/etching. This means waiting longer that the minimum drying time for the paint,



I’ll share my results after I do tests


That is awesome. Would the LCC be okay with this entire product line of paint…i.e. all the colours in this specific line, or should each separate colour be submitted for LCC approval?

I think it is best to start with this color and see how it works out before we do an assesment of an entire product line. For example are there metalic or glitter based rustoleum paints? I have not checked.

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Thanks - that’s a great point - I hadn’t even thought about glitter paints having a different composition. Sounds like a plan to start with this one colour and see how things go.

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