Maker Making Change: Build a Light Proximity Switch and/or a Switch Tester

Howdy all! Here’s another fun kit build opportunity from Chad and the Makers Making Change (MMC) folks. With Covid restrictions on group build events, making assistive devices for MMC is very appreciated! This time it’s a couple of shorter builds than the LipSync.

Why build assistive devices for MMC?

  • have fun and help people with disabilities
  • use and/or learn electronics skills
  • learn about assistive tech
  • all the cool kids are doing it :smiley:

How to get involved:

  1. Answer the poll or respond to this thread.
  2. Pick up kit(s) at VHS.
  3. Build the kit(s).
  4. Return by: June 21st (switch tester) and July 15th (proximity switch) or sooner!

The Builds

Light Proximity Switch

  • 10 kits available
  • takes 1 - 4 hours
  • requires: through-hole soldering including an IC (chip).

Switch Tester

  • 5 kits available
  • takes 30 mins or so
  • basic soldering
  • great for beginners!

Please answer the poll:

  • I can build a light proximity switch.
  • I can build a switch tester.
  • I can’t build a kit right now but maybe next time.
  • I can’t solder but would like to learn how.

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If you can build multiple kits please respond to this thread.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can pitch in to help! Go Team VHS!


Hey I can get kits to the space, I am just behind with 3d printing the enclosures. The Light Proximity switch needs to be in black to enable the light not to bleed through to the sensors. I need 7 more cases for the light prox (top and bottom). I can print 3 here today on my printer, then shoot them down later tonight, but still need another 4, so those will be forth coming, unless anyone can print there own. :slight_smile:

Edit - thanks @winegummo for helping with printing enclosures!

Thanks @Janet for raising the flag!


I’ll let people know when kits are at the space. Should be by end of the week by the looks of it.


I can build both.


Awesome thanks Sid!

Should also add - if anyone wants to learn how to solder so they can build one of these devices - pm me and I will get you going.

I can build 1 of each.


That’s awesome! Thanks so much @Tamara_VA7ETR

I’m really exciting to be doing it. What are the next steps to get the kits to get started on them?

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So great! I will post here once kits are at the space for pick up which looks like it’ll be friday.

Some people take them home to build and some are making them at VHS. Tamara do you need to use VHS tools and are you a VHS member? We still have limited public access due to Covid. No worries though if you’re not a member and would like to build kits at the space I can meet up with you and bring you in as a guest. Just let me know what you’d like. :smile:

I became a member in November but haven’t applied for a key yet. Am going in today for awhile but can drop back on Friday as I live near by.

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I have the tools at home to work on the kits but will probably do some at h9me and some at hackspace so I can mingle with other members.

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Awesome! Great you can do both. I hope to be in on friday afternoon as well so might see you in there.

I am going to deke down tonight to do the drop, will likely be there around 8-9.

@xquared - not sure if you wanted to build or wanted a complete one, but have kit for you. If need a built one… should be one soon lol.

@packetbob will drop with you.

Will be one extra proximity switch, and one extra switch tester kit, in dropbox if anyone wants to do two (but no pressure) or if this guy misses a part in one of the kits.

Y’all good people!!


Awesome thanks! I’ll be in tomorrow afternoon.

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Dropped off in dropbox!

Thanks @winegummo for helping get the final 3d prints. Some of the prints dont fit together perfextly, but that is literally last step of the build, so it shouldnt stop anyone’s build. If it just dont fit, let us know we will print a few more to get those sorted.

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do we need to tweek the design a bit? i also have an idea for quick solution.


i can build as many kits as you need. will go pick it up during the day.


Do you need the fusion files to give it a go? Let me see if someone from my side can add you to work space or send you a copy.

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i am trying another print with the supports blocked off right there to see if that helps

but if you wanted to send me the files i have no problems tweaking it

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