Lots of free stuff, mostly computer related

Hey folks, I’m moving and have winnowed my collection of computer bits. Have a look at this album, if there’s anything that catches your eye it can be yours, for the low price of zero!

A few highlights:

  • Thermaltake V21 cube case with an Asus B350M-E (AM4 socket, DDR4 RAM) motherboard. Should work with awesome new Ryzen 3 CPUs. Doesn’t come with CPU, RAM, power supply or HD. Case is about 1ft cube, accommodates full size PSUs.

  • Logitech Z2300 2.1 speakers, they sound amazing but the subwoofer is huge, a 1ft cube

  • ODROID GO emulation/homebrew handheld

  • ODROID XU4 single board computer with Exynos CPU and USB3 port(s). Acrylic case with 2.5mm HD sled and OLED front display.

I live near Fraser and 49th, you could come pick stuff up, or I can leave it at the space for you.

Anything not claimed by a VHSer will probably go to freegeek, anything they don’t want will go to e-waste. :slight_smile:

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I’ll gladly take the Logitech Z2300 speakers… Can pick up whenever it suites you… Thanks…

Hi, Im interested in all the ODROID stuff, and the broken huawei, can I come on tuesday?

Hey Alex, I’d be interested in any raspi bits and pieces. I’m organizing an electronics lab at my office (for fun not profit) and will probably use raspberries to do some automation workshops.

Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. I would have to go get it before Thursday if that works for you.




I’ll give a good home to the DSO138 and the wifi dongle. Thank you!

I’ve got a use for the wifi PCI card if it is still available. Thanks!


Logitech Z2300 speakers

Yours! Want to pick up tonight sometime?


wifi PCI card

Yours! You should drive over and show off your car. :wink:


DSO138 and the wifi dongle




Done! Although, keep in mind this is an elderly one. :slight_smile:


ODROID stuff, and the broken huawei, can I come on tuesday?

Done! Tuesday is probably doable, let me check with my wife… If you do manage to get the phone to boot again, please wipe it. :slight_smile:

Sure thing; I’ll coordinate a time with you via slack :slight_smile:

Oh, I also have a Breville Infuser espresso machine that worked really well until it started leaking. I took it apart a few months ago and couldn’t find any obvious easy fix, and it’s still in pieces. I have very high confidence it’ll go back together cleanly, I even took pictures during disassembly. Free to anyone who wants to adopt this three-legged dog.

I am available anytime today… so whatever time works for you…

Also claimed:

D-Link DAP1522
Powered USB Hub
IR helicopter
Logitech BT Audio Adapter
USB Powered speakers #1

Breville Infuser

I’ll happily take that that off your hands.

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Awesome! I’ll share an album of the disassembly photos with you :slight_smile:

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I am interested in the case and mobo. Is it still available?


case and mobo

Yep! Yours now.

I would request the Drone, Apple Memory, Cables & camera-Webcam.

Alex, I’m not going to have time to go pick up the raspis before we leave tomorrow. Thanks for the offer,

Hi Ignacio (@3bien),
Do you mind if I get the Rasp. PIs?

go for it!

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Thank you @3bien! My mentor needs to build a Rasp. PI wall for number crunching and will help him visualize multiple systems of equations!