Looking to commission a Brass Stamp for Hot Foil Stamp Machine

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone has experience with making CNC brass stamps?

I am interested in making a set of maker stamps or similar items I would need before the 15th, or sooner. I would love to find someone local so that I can save the shipping time

They are to be used with a heat press like so

I would love to begin learning the CNC machines and build some myself in the future, but for now I need to commission them as I don’t have time to learn those steps on my own

I have lots of experience with inkscape and vector files, I just need to find a maker that can build the stamp



two recommendations:

@Gear105 Brian at https://www.autmog.com/


Trent at https://www.bigtchopshop.com/



We no longer have the Taig at VHS but this may of interest.

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