LiPo charger group build?

I’m not going to make it to vhs this week and I’m away July1-16. We might be able to use @packetbob as a courier. Did you want all 8 of them? Any connectors etc?

Tom lemme know a good time to meetup or leave the boards in your mailbox and I’ll grab em…
If you have the other 2 BCR boards I’ll grab them also…

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I got the 8 board from @TomKeddie and will drop them off at the Space either tomorrow or Wed or Thurs night…

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awesome, thanks, do i pay through as well?

I know you’re good for the money, lets wait until you’ve run the workshop.

Alright, so I got 8 boards from @TomKeddie via @packetbob, and the parts i ordered are coming in this friday.

going by first come basis,

i am looking to run the build sometime in the next week. you are also welcome to just grab the parts from me.
There is another batch of boards coming and another order of part will be place, so if you changed your mind or don’t want it right now, please let me know. i know a couple of other people expressed interest.


Second batch is being organised by @miststlkr will be CA$1.50 each as I couldn’t get them to accept a panel (likely my error but hard to tell).

Hi Mimi,
Thank you, I will grab the parts from you one of the evenings this week or on weekend.
Best Regards,

the parts won’t be here until friday evening. best bet is wait until next week.

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Thanks Mimi!

alright, all the parts came in.
the boards are $1. I am charging $2.00 for the rest of the electronics. JST connectors are extra. I am asking for $0.75 for each of those.

what night are people thinking for the group build, i am prepping the kit for y’all right now

since a lot of the passives components used in the kit were found at VHS, please consider also throwing some change into the VHS DONATIO box when you get your kit.


The SMD oven seems to be back up and running, when should we do the group build?


Rad, thanks for working on that @xquared and @majicj

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Thank you Mimi & Majicj for getting the reflow oven working!
Is Sunday, July 9th, 3 pm - ? (late afternoon) convenient for the LiPo group build?

Sunday is perfect for me.

Sounds good Mimi!
See you on Sunday.


I’m in for Sunday afternoon also.

are there any kits left over, and how did the build go?

I have posted in @Janet 's SMD thread that i have three kits left. come on down next friday if you want to make it here

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