LiPo charger group build?

I am looking to make one of these lipo chargers.
planning on ordering parts this week. Anyone else interested in making it? we can make a SMD party out of it.
@TomKeddie is supplying me the PCB, he’s got 5-10 at $1 each


I’ll do one.


Also in! Thanks Mimi.

i am going to take a looke at what SMD we have at VHS.
and order what we need accordingly. probably looking at 5 kits atm

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Cool! I’m in for one too!

Let me know what components we need and I can help you find them. We have an excellent inventory of SMD resistors in the filing cabinets at the space. We also have tons of SMD caps but they are a little more difficult to find. I have some SMD LEDs I can donate.

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	Part     Value            Package                
	C1       10uF             0805                   
	C2       10uF             0805                   
	CN1      USB              USB-MINIB_LARGER       
	CN2      BATT_IN_JST      JSTPH2                 
	CN3      LOAD_JST         JSTPH2                 
	JP1      PWR_IN_0.1       1X02_OVAL              
	JP3      LOAD_0.1         1X02_OVAL                
	JP5      BATT_IN_0.1      1X02_OVAL              
	JP6      STAT             1X02_OVAL              
	LED1     STAT1-ORANGE     CHIPLED_0805           
	LED2     STAT2-GREEN      CHIPLED_0805           
	LED3     Power-RED        CHIPLED_0805           
	R1       150              0805                   
	R2       150              0805                   
	R3       150              0805                   
	R4       PROG             0805-THM               
	R7       10K/THERM        0805-THM               
	RT1      1K               R0805                  
	RT2      150K             R0805                  
	U1       MCP73833T-AMI/MF DFN10_3X3MM

by the look of it all smd passives and leds are 0805. the caps are pretty generic. and i mostly have to order the MCP73833 IC
i also need to check if we have jst, microusb, and dc connectors


Count me in too. Even though I just built a charger from salvaged parts.

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I’ve been wanting to make a few of those for a while. If there is enough interest, could we get a run of the boards as well? I could go in for at least 5 kits myself, maybe more of the boards.

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I am interested, if there are any boards left

I would suggest skipping the JST connectors, they’re over a buck each on Digikey/Mouser. I just soldered an 18650 holder to it.


I’m about to send a pcb run to - is $US12 for a run inc shipping, I think we might be able to get 40 boards from that (4x4x10). Shipping is epacket so would be a fairly reliable 30 days.


Should have been clearer- I’m sending a run for myself, if someone want to pay the $US12, I’ll add 40 lipo chargers boards to the order (the 40 is a maybe, the 10 is for sure).

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I have a bunch of 3S RC charging gear but nothing for 18650B’s. I’m in for the parts; if I can make it work with my vacation plans I’ll join the party. :slight_smile:

Let me check my stash; I should have enough JST connectors to donate to the cause. Will confirm

how many kit worth of part would you need if you were to order that extra 40 boards?

I would like to join the LiPo build and request one PCB.

@miststlkr they need to be surface mount jst connectors in order to work with @TomKeddie 's boards


Depends on the price. I’ll be getting the 40 boards so don’t count me against the 10-board limit, and in fact I’d be willing to throw some of my boards in at the $1 each if we go through all of his and we are waiting for the delivery.

If I still have them, the ones I have are on leads.

So, on the issue of the connector.
What is everyone planning on charding with their charger. JST ph2 connectors are a pain in the ass if you don’t already have mating ones and I am not sure if everyone needs that connector

JST is what i usually use since my batteries tend to be either adafruit or knockoffs of theirs