September 15: SMD Soldering Workshop - $10, Sign Up Now! (only 6 spots)

VHS is offering another SMD workshop on September 15th, 7 - 10 pm at VHS. Get your ticket now! It’s recommended that you already know how to through-hole solder. Open to everyone, non-members welcome!

Join us to make the VHS blinky star badge (made by @tomkeddie). Use the VHS Reflow Oven (made by @packetbob).

You’ll learn how to:

  • solder surface-mount components
  • use a stencil to apply solder paste
  • cook boards in the VHS reflow toaster oven
  • be the coolest kid on the block

VHS has always been supportive of folks with limited funds. If this is you please PM me!


Here’s a photo of the actual boards we’ll be working on - so pretty!

These were produced in China by @tomkeddie through

I would like to sign up.

I also have three lipo charger kit left for sale if you are interested in making those.

EDIT: here is what the kit will be

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