Led panel donation

One of the exhibit techs at the aquarium has some led panels he wants to donate to the space. See below for description and photos.

He can drop them off on Thursday the 24th if we want them. There are 8 of them.
As they are fairly large, and may not get used right away, we would need to store them somewhere.

Do we want them? Does anyone see a use for them? I don’t know what we are allowed f in the way of illuminated signage in our front window…

I’d like to get back to him today, so if I can get feedback by the end of today, that’d be great. We would need someone to be at the space to receive them.


Hi Hackspace,

My name is Matt, and I’m the Exhibit Technician over here at The Vancouver Aquarium - An Ocean Wise Initiative (Ocean Wise Conservation Association). I work under the Director of Design.

I want to donate some LED display panels, housed in rigid aluminum frames, that had once been design specifically to be implemented in the front-entrance of the Aquarium.

They are large, of questionable (possibly limited) functionality. 10-12mm pixel pitch, around 3-4 feet square, x eight (8) units.

I’ll give you a call about this in a moment.

Here are some reference images:

Yours truly,
Matt Dobo


Hi @Billiam,
Thank you, can these LED displays accept images/characters (messages to turn on LEDs) over a serial or any other interface? If yes we can use them.

I have absolutely no idea how they work.

From working with these kind of things before, if these come without controller hardware, they are not the easiest to drive - they’re not like a neopixel where you can just push values and they’ll hold a colour, you have to constantly refresh them.

I’ve used a cape on a beaglebone black before for this.
If they do come with a controller, it will likely be simpler.

That said, they’re AWESOME in visual impact, and I’d love to play with them, and think they’ll see cool use to have them around.

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I’ve been very close to buying similar panel off of aliexpress (I think you can get 64x64 rgb led panels even smaller than those), but have held off from not knowing how easy it would be to use them. Would love to play around with these if it’s at all possible to get them to work.

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What should we do?

  • VHS should take all eight LED panels!
  • VHS should take somewhere between 4-6 of them
  • VHS should take take 2-3 of them
  • VHS should take just one of them
  • VHS should not take any of them

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These are great for driving with FPGAs or a Pi

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They are delivered, made a build thread:

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