Lathe Training!

Hey all, I was trained on the Lathe by @AndroidLx on Saturday, and I wanted to encourage people who may be wary about it to give it a shot!

I am very much a beginner when it comes to machining metal, and I figured if I could learn to lathe safely I’m well on my way to success. I learned how to work with and take care of the machine and its many parts, and honestly the hardest part of that section was remembering where the decimal goes and what multiplications are needed when measuring with a vernier scale, holy butts this thing is precise. The training was very thorough about safety, which was healthily terrifying but also a confidence booster because I am now able to do the thing safely which is very exciting.

Whether you know what you’re doing already or you’re interested in learning, I highly recommend training on the lathe.

Also, I posted this on Slack, but I officially named the three-jaw chuck Charles (Charlie to its friends, which includes everyone who has been trained) and when we get another chuck, the new one’s name shall be Hurley. It has been written.


More info on signing up for training here: Machine Shop Metal Lathe Ready For Use

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