Laser training Mar 2021

Here’s a few dates for laser training in March, post here to claim one of the three spots for each day.

Wednesday Mar 3, 6pm

Saturday Mar 13, 3pm

Saturday Mar 20, 3pm

All covid precautions will be taken where possible.

Here’s the details:
Cost is $30 donation to VHS, payed in cash at the training or ahead of time as a paypal donation here
Usually runs about 1.5-2 hours.
Completion of the training will grant access to the use of the laser cutter, and you must be a VHS member to use the laser cutter once trained.

More details and further reading

If you would like to stay after and make something cool, bring a vector file saved as a .dxf or old version .ai and we can try it out!

@nparry88 @Zee_Kesler @HogDog @rebbsj

March 3rd for me! Thank you!

Hi Tristan,

March 3rd for me too if possible. thanks!


I am good for Saturday March 13 please!

if Saturday13 is still available, I’d like to take it.

Can I grab a spot for Mar 13?

I’m can only do March 13th but it looks like all 3 spots are filled. Consider me as waitlisted in case someone backs out.

Sure thing. There will be more trainings soon as well

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Woke up this morning feeling pretty unwell, and don’t want to take any chances during the pandemic, so I’ll have to give up my spot for tonight at 6 :frowning: have fun guys and I’ll be there for the next available session!

No COVID symptoms, and I haven’t been to the space in over a week, for those who may be concerned!

No problem @nparry88, hope you’re feeling better soon!

@HogDog would you be able to reschedule to next Wednesday at the same time?

Oh Hey. I just saw this, I have been running around organising my 6 yr old and just got to the hack space.

Sure if it’s more convenient we can reschedule.

No problem, I’ll be right there

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Hi there! New member here. Would love to receive CNC and laser training. Are there any sign up times offered other than Wednesday evenings?

If anyone backs out of Saturday, I’d love to be considered :slight_smile: thanks!

Hey Alanna, welcome to VHS!

I can run another training on Saturday 20th at 3pm, I’ll update the post. Anyone who can make it on that day let me know.


Yes please include me! Thank you for making the extra time. 30 cash, anything else to bring?

I can do the 20th at 3PM as well! Would love to join!

@nparry88 @Alanna_h @rocketana Confirmed for this Saturday, see you then!

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Newbie at the space and I am interested in being trained on the laser cutter - I have a super flexible schedule :blush: If there aren’t any more sessions for March can I jot my name down for April?