Laser Training August 23st 3:00 pm

Laser Training is coming up August 23st at 3:00 pm.

This training is required to be able to use the laser cutter. We will go through safety, setup, and all the thing you should know to get you started on your laser cutting journey.

Due to covid, this event is limited to 3 student. Don’t worry if you miss this one, we will run more training in the future.

You can reserve a spot by replying to this post.

The cost of training is $30 which will go towards keeping the laser functional.

Cash if possible, One spot is already taken.


E-transfer to, or one-time PayPal donation via the link at

Hey! I would like to take the laser cutter course! Thanks so much!

Please reserve a spot for me! I will bring some 1/16" PETG and some cut plans!

perfect. we are full. We will run more in the future.

Hi. Can someone give a timeline for more training. I understand this is all voluntary but been waiting a month now and I have a bunch of projects on hold.

Also, I would ask those organizing to put together a list to keep track of sign up. I am unable to watch slack 24/7 and now I feel stressed at the possibility of missing the cutoff again.

Hey, sorry there is no schedule, but there seems to be some pent up demand. Normally, we would be running way more training, but laser has been out of commission for the last month or 2, and much of the Laser committee’s energy has gone to getting the new parts and putting the laser back together. Now that it is finally tested and confirmed to be in good working order, expect training to pick up again.

I will run another training session next week to catch up a little bit. If tuesday afternoon is good with you, i will hold a spot for you.

Thanks for clarifying. Yeah -if in the next week or so you can catch up, I will be super grateful. I’m just kinda stuck on a few projects until I can use the machine. I’m also happy to bring along a few beers for whoever is there for the training too :slight_smile:

I just want to mention that @yeungx knows what he is doing.

I want to reserve a Laser Training for next training session. Best Regards. Gustavo

I’m also very interested. I’m open to giving up my spot to someone that has a pressing need. But otherwise, sign me up for the next available but let me know! =)