Anyone want laser cutter training?

Id love to get trained on laser!

Aside from @cory, anyone else in need of laser training?

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I would love laser cutting training! :slight_smile: @TyIsI

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I would like to do a refresh . I did the training two year ago and I did not used it.
I am available weekend and after 5pm on weekday

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Training has been announced


Laser training got announced

Hello everyone, I’m new to VHS and would love to take part in the next laser cutter training session. Will keep an eye on this post as well as Slack. Thanks and looking forward to connecting with more VHS folks!


I’d also like to sign up for the next laser cutter training session, preference to weekends if scheduling is flexible. Thanks!

I would be for sure, i’m still sorting out how to not miss messages and replies on the forums. I guess “watching” the thread will do it for now? (Though it might get annoying soon enough )



I’m a new member looking for laser cutting training! I’ve used one before(trotec 400) so hopefully I won’t need a full course of that might help get me started quicker!

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Count me in :slight_smile: never used a laser cutter but have a bunch of projects ready to pull the trigger on.

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Yes please on the training! Count me in! And thank you!

I need a refresher, and would like to cut some 1/16" PETG that I Associated Plastics assured me could be laser cut. I had laser training immediately before the pandemic, so that’s a bit of a loss. Also, I’m visually impaired so would always appreciate help using the laser cutter. Thanks!

@BreakitFixit @AndroidLx @Omid @CutTheCake_Aka_Izzy @OneEdge @David_Neufeld

I’ll book a spot! Will bring some 1/16" PETG and cut plans as well!

Sign me up please! That’s… I guess this coming Tuesday!

Do I need to bring anything??

You know, I think I found the original post Andy it looks like it’s full. That’s very sad for me, but very exciting for those that are getting the training, And I’m excited for them too!

I’ll try to keep my eagle eyes peeled for the next one!!

Hi! I’m looking for some laser cutting training!

Happy to bring my own 3mm acrylic and files to cut and happy to pay the fees to keep the laser up and running!

I’m also interested in getting approved to use the laser cutter.

When is the next available lesson?

Sign up here for next class Laser Training Oct 11th 2022