Is VHS open light

Thought it would be a fun project idea. I’m trying to learn Arduino, would that be a good start?

I was thinking of having a bulb light up in the living room whenever the website updates.

That or a light that goes off when the Canucks score. I figure that would be twitter related

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That sounds like an excellent project! Just hard enough and enough things involved to help you push to somewhere, and it has a lot of intermediate deliveries (small things that can work without everything else working).

If you want a reference for how the isvhsopen, here’s the code repository. I think it publishes a REST API.



Sound yeah

I played with s similar thing a while ago based on something @lukecyca originally setup

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And it morphed to this

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I still have the gauge but it’s just gathering dust…
We could set it up in the window at the Space if you think it’s worth it or even a good idea to advertise the fact to people walking past…

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