Hydraulic Press, *Fundraiser*

Hi All,

Is anyone interested in possibly splitting the cost on a purchase of a nice new (and large) hydraulic press for VHS? They are a bit pricey, but I’m sure there would be plenty of uses for something like this (maybe not the space for it though)

A couple potential options that I found after basic research:

This one is manual for $634.59

This one is automatic, for $1,365.71

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear them.

I definitely think we should go with a pneumatic/electrically powered hydraulic press, rather than a hand pump kind. Here are some other vendor possibilities:



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Perfect for destroying old hard drives…

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We also get a discount at KMS right?

KMS has a 45 ton that looks pretty decent.

The 50 ton that Princess Auto has looks pretty good too, although it’s about $500 more.


craigslist? This is only 20 ton but is 290bux used.
Hydraulic press - tools - by owner

Maybe we could impress on the owner that we are hackspace and get a deal. Hopefully they don’t squash our dreams. I’ll see myself out now…


Mama wants a 100 ton but she’ll settle for 45. 40 at a minimum. I’ve been on the watch for the big ones for a while, they don’t seem to come up much. Hydraulic systems are one of those things I don’t mind buying new.

Prices including HST:
40 ton: $ 1232
45 ton: $ 1618 (might be able to swing a better deal on this, and we get 2% cashback because KMS.)
50 ton: $ 2352

I’d be willing to kick funds from the welding lessons towards this, to the tune of 7 or 8 hundred.

Can the rest of y’all raise another 8-9 hundred? This would also be eligible for an Amazon Tool Trade deal.


I know how it is - when a girl goes shoppping…it’s for at least a 100 ton hydraulic press. It would be great to fundraise and buy one. Do the 100 ton jobs run around 3K or so?

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That’s amazing, thanks Metal_Janet!
I can put in 300
Those are all tough choices, I’d be happy with any of those, but definately if we can get raise the funds for the 50 ton, even better!


Is there actually “comfortable” room at the Space for this?

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There’s some space beside the box and pan brake that is currently poorly utilized. Long term it can go out where the forge cart currently is, once that turns into an actual forge and moves into a (yet to be formally pitched) shed outside.

More like 5K plus for the hundred ton. It’s waaayy overkill, plus they’re really slow. I’d be happy enough with anything in the 45 ton range.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Just out of curiosity… What does one do with a hydraulic press?

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We start a youtube channel. Phase 3: Profit.


In an automotive garage you press things like bearings off axle shafts.
You could use it when changing trailer bearings - currently I use some 2x4’s and a hammer & drift
As mentioned when recycling old client PC’s or servers I usually “boot n nuke” the drives using software and drill holes in drives that have crashed. A press would crush them which would be a lot faster (and more fun)


If you check out my old hammockboat, I used our harbour freight hydraulic press to bend some metal into shape. They’re also good for pressing / removing bearings, broaching (for getting weirdly shaped holes into metal), and forming sheet metal with bucks.


I loved that hammockboat. Hopefully you’ll be taking it out again this year.

Stay tuned

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You can do all kinds of stuff with a hydraulic press!

In addition to the other things listed:

  • die forming sheet metal (cutting and bending)
  • crush sculpting tubing to make organic sculptural forms
  • quiet hot and cold blacksmithing techniques
  • rubber hydroforming
  • plastic injection moulding
  • tube bending

Basically anything where you want to apply a lot of linear pressure to something.