How can you help today with the VHS move?!


Task List for Tue January 15th at Venables

  • Finish mudding the interior wall with the rolling wooden door.
  • Mud the west wall, except the centre electrical panel area
  • Patch and mud the south wall of the laser room (main workshop side)
  • Mud wall by the mezzanine stairs
  • Sand East wall (Evening)
  • Sand Side Entry wall (evening)

if you prefer (slightly) less dirty endeavor, consider helping with packing at cook street.
we still need to pack up the woodshop tools

update: @Jade and @baptiste made a lot of improvement to the state of the wall today


Task list for Wednesday, Janurary 16th:


Thur, Jan 17, Cook Street

Last night (Wed evening) I packed up the laser. @mike was also there packing some power tools, but nobody else. I’m getting a bit concerned there are only two more days to pack, and there IS A LOT LEFT TO DO.

Tonight and tomorrow, please make plans to help pack. Especially keyholders to keep the space open. We’re moving this weekend, and it’s only going to go well if things are well-packed.

Current needs:

  • We could use another 8 pallets at least. More would be nice. @baptiste has offered some, but we have no way of getting them to VHS.
  • We could use some wood screws (2" or so) for fixing pallets, crating, etc.
  • Pack up the 3 CNCs
  • Pack up lathe, manual mill, horizontal bandsaws, drill press (I recommend fastening this stuff to a pallet with 2x4s, rope, ratchet straps, etc.
  • Server rack
  • Wood shop still needs lots of work
  • Solidworks computer and kitchen area
  • Take down remaining benches
  • Tons of misc stuff. If it’s not on a pallet, try put it on one.

Tagging random folks:

@Petetheviking @Enquire @AaronB @Angela_Nee @sylvia @dmo @faja66 @Gibbtall @hughl87 @imsofluffy @Ka_Wai_Lee @Laslo @Lantana @paulreimer @Rebel_without_Clause @RolandClarke @SeanPo @SomethingFun @UKDave @TankGuy

Please coordinate on Slack in #hackspace-packing. If you don’t do slack for some reason, post here.

Move Day complete! Getting comfortable is now the goal

There are miscellaneous wood screws and drywall screws at Venables on the work table.



Task List for Thur, Jan 17, Venables location

since we have a wood turning demo tonight
the focus should be to clean the place up for today:

  • mount projector screen
  • mount LED wall
  • tidy up the main work bench
  • put away tools and paint into boiler room
  • sweep floor
  • (time permitting) sand south wall of laser room

Move Day complete! Getting comfortable is now the goal

I’ll be available on Saturday


Special thanks to @TyIsI, @lukecyca, @rsim, @imsofluffy, @Lantana, and @Variable for coming out to pack tonight!


Task List for Fri, January 18th


  • packing up the semi circle table at the front. (clear the top and collapse the table)
  • build a platform out of pallets in the loading dock so we can use pallet lift to move pallets
  • bring cargo straps if you have some
  • lots of general packing and pallet wrapping to be done still


  • clear the floor in preparation for receiving.


VHS is open, come on down!

#12 was shut down, but we are still open until 6pm!

Come on down and help us with the move!