Move Day complete! Getting comfortable is now the goal

Update: That was amazing! All done! We’re really getting good at this “moving” business. See last post for updates.

In case there hasn’t been enough noise yet:

VHS is moving! There is still lots of pack-up to do at the old location (See Here and lots to do at the new location (see here ). The old location pack up is probably more critical at this point. Everything must be on pallets, or we can not move it.

The deadline is the 19th of January, this Saturday!

We have pallet jacks and a truck rented. Is anyone able to help drive? We will be going all day, starting at 8am. Likely needing at least 4 drivers to handle various shifts. We have a morning shift covered, but 2-3 more drivers would be great! No special license is needed, but you must be comfortable driving a big 22-foot moving truck.

Also, all hands on deck on Saturday! As many people as possible! 70% of the work will be at Cook St, so please default to helping out there!


Specifically, looking for people with experience driving a 5 ton (22 foot) truck. This is the largest vehicle you can drive without a special licence. It will have an exhaust brake, dual rear tires, glow plugs, all the big truck toys.

Let us know if you can drive and have experience with these things.


That went really well, thank you so much to everyone that came out and helped!

There is a tiny bit more to do at Cook, but for the most part, it’s all at Venables now!

More work to be done (always) but the time crunch is off. If you swing by most evenings this week (1601 Venables), you can come help out, move some equipment around, and have a say in how the hackspace is laid out. Do-ocracy in full effect here :slight_smile:


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