Green manual mill training



Can anyone help train me on the green manual mill? I’m available in the evenings.



Please add me as well! Thank you @jimmy for starting this post!


Me too please :slight_smile: But as far as I know Richard is the best person to talk to.


Last I heard, the green manual mill needed some TLC to get back into good operational order again. Possibly a new drawbar?


First things first. The mill is functional however the tooling and set of collets is limited and you will most likely not be able to do super precise work. There was some talk of making a new drawbar so that we could use standard CNC collets but that has not happened. You will also need to purchase your own high speed steel end mills for use on this machine.

Caveat - I have no formal training in how to train people on the mill. I have used the VHS mill a bit and other mills in other shops. Richard @rsim would likely be the best person to do this training however he has limited time.

However I can do a basic walkthrough of the VHS mill for interested folks.

Before I do that I would ask that anyone I demonstrate the mill to should first:

  1. Read the VHS Wiki Manual Mill page and the manual for this mill
  2. Watch the four introduction to milling videos from the Open Source Machine Tools site.

Of course the mill we have is not nearly as nice or as accurate as the one in the above videos but has essentially the same components and concepts.



I would definitely appreciate that Mark. Which day are you available to give a demonstration?



Each one of the above linked youtube milling videos is about an hour long. So you have about 4 hours of “homework” to do before I will do any demos.

Let me know when you’ve watched these and I will set something up for you. Most Likely toward the end of next week, next weekend or the following week.

I should also reiterate for anyone reading this thread that the mill is for VHS member use only.



Ok I’ll go over the material tonight.



Thank you so much Mark for doing this! I’ve been watching this guy youtube channel with lathe tutorials for a while but haven’t came across this milling section yet! Wow super cool link :slight_smile:


I’m interested in training too.

Also, if the machine needs better tooling, I’m curious how much to get it working well and how can we cover the cost. I’m a little strapped right now until I find new employment, but I want access to this machine and will gladly chip in when I can.


Hello! I am also interested in training, I have used a mill before and would like to gain access to it.