Gas to Desil Engine Conversion

Hello im looking to convert my engine to Desil and to work on it as a project. Is there anyone that knows how to do this and or/ could help?!

Im willing o pay what I have and can afford for the knowledge and service.

With much love!


Hi Sydney, unfortunately we’re unable to accommodate such an ambitious automotive project as an engine swap at VHS. Our municipal zoning doesn’t allow us to operate as an automotive shop, and we only have basic equipment for easy jobs (e.g. oil changes, brakes, etc)

Someone posted a link recently somewhere advertising a drop-in auto repair shop that might be able to help you, but I don’t remember the details.

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Here’s that link: DIY Auto Repair Shop


Honestly this is an engine swap project that’s gonna require at the very least some minor fabrication. You’ll need to find a new engine and transmission most likely then fab up some custom mounting hardware to fit in the car.

What car is it that you’re trying to swap?