DIY Auto Repair Shop

Hey friends,

This has been an idea bounced around Vancouver for a very long time however until now it’s never been really enacted on, now that changes. In the near future (late this year, early next) I will be launching a DIY Auto Repair Shop. VHS is really the inspiration for the project having spent time working in the shop it felt strange there wasn’t a place like VHS but for cars, as such I established Hoist & Torque. For those who might be interested I’ve attached a link you can check out our website. It’s still rather early days so they’ll be lots of update to it as we go. In the very near future we’ll be launching membership pre-orders as well so keep an eye out on for that too!


A follow-up on this. We’re holding a draw for a free 6 month ultimate membership so if you’re interested you can enter here.

Hopefully once we’re open we’ll be able to find some kind of special offer for VHS members as well!


Hi Gabe, maybe I’m missing it but I’m not seeing a location anywhere on your site; is that intentional?

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Yes it is, we’re in the process of getting this project off the ground and haven’t secured a location quite yet. We’re looking at opening late this year early next.

I’d need the address to put it in my BCAA file as my “home address”, so they always know where to tow me. :wink:


This sounds like a great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing your location when you get set up :wink: