(FULL)Workshop Wednesday Nov 27: Screen Printing Basics

I am reasonably certain that i can get screen printing working within the next week. So lets plan a screen printing workshop.

When: Nov 27th from 6pm to 8pm

Topic: Screen Printing basics.
How to reclaim a screen.
How to use UV emulsion to make a stencil.
How to print a T-shirt
How to heat set a T-shirt so that it is wash safe.
This should be everything you need to know to make a one color print

Cost: mandatory $25 dollar donation to Hack Space for T-shirts. Every attendee should mean 1 T-Shirt for the attendee, and 4 T-shirts for the hack space, if there are no scraps, which there will be.

I am hoping this workshop will be the very beginning of a conversation about the wonderful world of screen printing and how it can bring your designs into the real world.


This sounds cool. What the me on the 27th will it be?

good point, 6-8, added to the original post.

I love this so much. Thank you.

There’s a good chance I’ll be out of town, but if I’m not, I’ll want to attend. How do we sign up (I should know by the end of the week).

you can just post here and tell me if you are coming and I will keep track. I can handle about 7 people reasonably.

Hi @yeungx,
Thank you, I would like to join in; if space is there can a non-VHS member friend from Point Roberts (South of Delta, Washington state) join in?


I am a new member, so I am not familiar with all the rules, but if there are no rules against outside member participating, I would love for them to join. As long as they make the required donation of course.

If there is a lot of interest, and we are too full, I will simply hold the work shop again.


This is for tshirt printing, not circuit boards.

Yes, I saw that it’s for T-Shirts.
(I have tried the Toner Transfer method for PCB and then etched it to less than satisfactory results; may be it needs a clean room for the process to be better).

IF you want to screen pcbs at VHS I would start a separate topic down the road to discuss it. I am not keen on the idea due to the toxicity.

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I am planning to just learn the screen printing process on T-Shirts, we want to make T-Shirts to celebrate a friend’s (and mentor’s) 97th birthday.

I’d also love to join in, thanks for organizing @yeungx!

I’m in for the workshop.


I will be attending this workshop.

I am in - I have a work event that day which will likely have me arriving late though. I ceed my spot to anyone that can make the whole show if you hit your head count, but can still pay the $25 regardless to build the tshirt library and add a VHS one to my wardrobe.

I’d love to come too!

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Im coming if there is still room
Also I have some spare screen printing equipment (two 2’*3’ woodem frame screens, screen drawing fluid, screen filler the brick colored stuff, a wider squeegee, I think like foot and a half) and spare speedball inks, and washing fluids) if you need any of these let me know

Looking forward to it

Thank you everyone for your interest, the workshop is now full. The confirmed attendees are,
@Rebel_without_Clause +1
That makes 8 in total. Thank you all for signing up.

If you missed this workshop, don’t worry, If there are interest I will put more on. And as the my technique and setup improves, I will put on more advanced tutorials to expand upon these basics.


Thanks for putting this on. I look forward to your next round, as I have a mini kit at home that I’ve never used.

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Please bring you stuff in if you no longer want them. I will try to incorporate them into our current setup.

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