[Fixed] Laser Cutter - Laser PSU Issues

Following up on Laser Cutter Problem, the Laser Cutter is currently out of order.

The Laser PSU is showing internal arcing. The LCC is following up on this. We realize how inconvenient this is (especially this close to the holidays), we’ll keep you all posted.


Update: Laser PSU confirmed dead. Here are some photos of the burn marks.

Last time the laser tube failed, we installed a spare tube and it still didn’t work, so we suspected the PSU and replaced that. When it still didn’t work we realized our spare tube had failed too. It’s a long story, you can read about it here. In any case we ended up with an extra PSU which was kept as a spare. So this morning @Katie and I swapped in the spare. This involved carefully splicing the HV wires. We cleaned up some of the other wiring at the same time.


The laser is working again, but it is not yet online for general use. There is a configuration issue in LaserCAD which may have been a contributing factor in burning up the PSU yesterday. Until we can solve that, the laser is out of order.


Thanks for the update LCC (and thanks Luke and Katie for this latest round of fixes plus Ty/others who are doing troubleshooting). Glad no one got fried by high voltage. The LCC has done a lot of laser maintenance lately - thank you all so much for this work at a busy time of year.


The LCC has reconfigured LaserCAD to adjust for the power settings.

Last point of action is to do some maintenance on the cooling system.

But the laser cutter should be available later today.


Important for all laser cutter users:

Please be advised that since we’ve changed the settings, default power settings will likely have to be adjusted. So make sure that you test your (existing) designs before cutting.


thank you LCC!


I tested the current drawn by the laser tube for various power settings in LaserCAD. Of note:

  • We have implemented a power limit of 55% in LaserCAD. Anything higher than that gets squashed to 55%. This is to keep the tube current below 26mA.
  • Otherwise pretty linear
  • Power levels of 5% and below don’t work at all