Eurorack (Music Synth) at VHS

A number of us on the #musicnerds slack channel have been preparing to deploy a community Eurorack. If you aren’t familiar with what Eurorack is, check it out here:

The TLDR is that it is a synthesizer made of lots of individual modules that can be added, removed, replaced, etc and works on the principle of “do one thing well” instead of a big monolithic components.

Our ultimate goal is to create a minimally functional rack where members can contribute, make sounds, and generally have fun.. The current plan is to mount it in the large rack at the end of the large open area so it can be used for future “music nights” which were a recurring event pre-pandemic, as well as for anyone’s enjoyment. Eurorack systems are generally expensive to make from scratch, so our hope is to enable more people in to this unique way of making sound (and maybe even music).

If you have spare Eurorack modules, a desire to contribute, or something else we haven’t thought of, join us on the #musicnerds slack channel and let us know how you’d like to help!