Eurorack Filter Build Night - Friday, Dec 9

If you’ve been following #music-nerds in slack, you’ll know I’ve been planning some filter DIY kits with the intent of running a build workshop some time in the next month or two.

We’ll be building a voltage controlled filter module I designed, based on the Korg MS-20 OTA filter core and resonance circuit with some modifications:

  • Four simultaneous outputs:
    • 6dB high pass
    • 12dB low pass
    • 6dB band pass
    • 12dB notch
  • Two frequency CV inputs, one with an attenuverter
  • Voltage controlled resonance with adjustable drive (very weird and distorted at high levels)
  • Two audio inputs with linear crossfade

(Final panel may look slightly different)

The module is 6HP and mostly surface mount. We’ll be using a stencil with solder paste, so if you’ve done any reflow soldering before you should be fine. Depending on your level of experience, plan to spend roughly 2-3 hours on assembly, plus an extra hour or two for calibration and troubleshooting. This is my first time running a build night so it’s possible it will take longer than expected.

Kits will be $90 each. In addition to the board, panel, parts, box, and power cable, this includes a portion of the cost of a module for the space. If you’re interested but on a tight budget, DM me here or on slack and we can work something out.

We’ll start at 7pm on Friday Dec 9th. I’ll be preparing a total of 10 kits with 2 reserved for myself and the space, leaving 8 slots for the workshop. Reply if you’re interested!

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New, new poll because I forgot to make it public AND forgot to check the calendar (sorry all, first time, this should hopefully be the last time I have to recreate the poll):

Pick your preferred date
  • Saturday, November 26th
  • Saturday, December 3rd
  • Sunday, December 4th
  • Friday, December 9th

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While I won’t be making a kit myself (too many other rabbit holes to go down) I can bring my SMD oven (earlier version of the one we have at the Space) if it will help…

Just a FYI that the Eastside Culture Crawl is happening November 17th to 20th and VHS is participating. Exhibiting VHS artists will be occupying some of the space and members will be giving tours. You can likely expect to see a lot of people walking through the space on Friday 18th. It will not be quiet. :slight_smile:

It probably would have been a smart idea for me to check the calendar, that’s my bad! I’m going to pick some other dates, I’ll update shortly

Okay, poll is updated for hopefully the last time, sorry again for the confusion!

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Based on the current results I’ve gone ahead and scheduled this for Friday, December 9th. I’ll update the original post with more details soon.


Gently bumping this, since it’s only a week away now! Looks like there is still space as well. Excited to build this - let us know if there’s anything attendees can bring to help make the night go smooth!


Hey All, I just opened up the forum after a small hiatus and I’m sad I missed this event! I I love synthesizers and have done a few simple builds at home, to varying degrees of success.

I am also in the process of finding a good time for a tour and introduction to VHS since it seems so awesome! Is there any way I could make contact with an organizer to hear about upcoming similar build nights when they come up?


Heya Leon!

I won’t speak for any of the organizers specifically, but we are definitely planning on doing more synthesizerey things at the space. We’re due for another “Music Nerds Meetup Night” soon, as well as some other music & music-tech related events.

I’d offer to give a tour myself, but I’ll be busy with work for the next week at least.

You can request a tour of the space in this thread here:

It looks like there’s a few coming up soon that you might be able to piggy-back on?

There’s also Open-House nights on Tuesday at 6pm right now, I’m sure someone would be happy to show you around then.


Thanks Tolva,

I’ll look around the post for tours coming up, I think with the weather changes and holidays January might be a better month for me to link up. Music Nerds Meetup sounds like a wonderful gathering!

Thanks for the info :blush: :robot: