Equipment review


Here are some machines that are inaccessible to all but perhaps a couple members. The reason might be that it’s a new tool and there is no training, it’s not operational, or it’s owned by an individual.

So… what’s up with these? Do we want to move them to the new space? I think we want to keep many of them, but only if enough members are still interested in each item.

Sherline mill (possibly being converted to a lathe by @mike)

@SeanPo’s injection molder

PCB Mill by @mike and @Rebel_without_Clause

Thickness sander (@mike)

Grizzly mill (@rsim, @lukeo)

@rsim’s locker




Pump (@lukeo?)


Yes to keeping injection molder @SeanPo will be back.

Not sure about the forging stuff. I think it would be risky doing this at the new space being a wooden building. It belongs to @Spicehammer.

I brought the VIC 12 Vacuum Casting system in after discussion in This Talk thread where @Gibbtall suggested keeping it around till the next space. I’m inclined to keep it

I would love to use the larger metal CNC but I think some some thought should be given to letting this go if there is not any training and/or usage for by general members. It has been sat mostly unused for pretty much as long as I can remember.


I’ve made great use of the vacuum chamber already.

I’ll get a thickness sander training night on the books for post-move.

PCB mill is indeed in progress


I love the forge. I think we can use it just as safely as the welder


ditto for the Grizzly CNC - now that I’m “done” with the space search, my normal VHS activities can resume at last…

Not really seeing anything in this list that we shouldn’t take…


Same. There’s a lot that’s either behind on maintenance due to other priorities, or possibly is under-utilized due to lack of space/projects.


I understand the Grizzly is a semi-permanent loan. Limited time is always going to be a factor, so I think there needs to be some hard questions asked whether it is a realistic expectation to repair/maintain/ and offer training on the machine so that it is usable and being used by a reasonable number of members.

I always thought the private lock up seemed a little strange. If there is a compelling reason it is needed in the new space, I’d like to see some more transparency about what is stored inside and how access is obtained.


Basically, repeated thefts of expensive/specialized equipment. Pretty much everything in there is for running/maintaining the metal shop - there’s no personal storage in there other than a few members have a handful of endmills.


I am more than very okay for stuff like this getting behind on maintenance with the amount that the person who maintains it spent/spends on searching/making a new space happen.

I think this is a fair point to bring up and I think this is a great call for more transparency in the future. I think everyone who has gone through the CNC training is aware of the cabinet and what it’s used for, so if you feel it needs a Wiki page and a label, anyone can feel free to use the power of do-ocracy!

(Excuse my tone. I’m dealing with a few personal things and I’m a little peeved at the tone that people strike when it comes to moving, because then all of a sudden everyone seems to be take the opportunity to vent their dismay about everything around the space, while they’ve never brought it up before.)


I hope to set up a permanent “molding and casting” area at the new space, with its own built bench. I’d like to have the new vacuum pump as well as the other chamber and pressure pot all easily accessible with instructions. I’ll keep my own personal projects and materials out of that area as there have been several newer members looking to use those.


Yes please keep the injection molder :slight_smile: I’m back in town and am happy to help dismantle/move it when the time comes.


I heard that there was an injection molder. I may have a project that could use it. I’d like to learn more.


If we can keep the forge around I think that’d be awesome! If not, I’m sure we can work something out. There are a few people who have used it before and if they’re not comfortable showing other people how it works, I’d be willing to help them get more comfortable. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to come down as often as I’d like, with school and work, but I just finished my last term of school so I hope to be around more.