Electronics - Programmable Load

Hey everyone. If we were to get a programmable load would you guys use it? Also known as a electronic load or digital load.

They are useful for testing power supplies. I personally use them for simulating a load on a circuit I’ve come up with or for power supplies I’ve bought on AliExpress, Banggood, etc.

Just curious if this would be something VHS would be interested in.


I would use this to validate various conditions for the Bikeshed Board

I’ve had a few circuits that I’ve wanted to test with one, yes!
But I’ve always been surprised at their cost vs my value I’d get out of it.

But yes, I’d definitely use is about as much as the scope, which is “a few times a year to measure something I can’t measure at home.”

Yep. I would use it a few times a year probably.

I’ve also considered using various heating elements to get low ohm tests done. Was looking at water heater elements and ovens.

I would use it a couple times a year

i would find it very funny if all those “few times a year” ended up being on the same day. lol


If so, let’s bring marshmallows :slight_smile:

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