Electronics bench tools

Hi there, I just checked out the new space and it’s so amazing I think I’m finally going to spend the cash I don’t have and join VHS!

I was wondering however, about some of the electronics bench supplies. For example, the DMM I found had very short leads, and seemed to be powered by a very short power cord. It was made even more difficult to use because it was mounted to a large wooden block with a fuse on it. Do people blow these fuses a lot? I couldn’t find anything in the wiki about these DMMs. It would be great to have something that’s a bit less bulky and more portable like one of these perhaps:

I would love to have feedback on this, thanks!



Hey @climberdude thanks for visiting and great to hear you want to join up! The new space is quite amazing. We do have a bunch of other multimeters which are up on the shelves which you may not have noticed when you visited. A bunch are cheap and cheerful and do the job but at least one is a high-end Unit-T meter. So I think you’ll find we have what you need. Let us know if you have any other questions/thoughts.

There should be probes on the other side of the electronics bench. There are also more DMMs up on the shelve to the right.

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Thanks, that’s great to know. I guess I just need to get myself oriented!

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We have two of these UNI-T ones which are the ones I usually use at VHS. They were donated by Jon.

One went missing for a very long time but has since returned!

We have a bunch of others too.


Yup, the UNI-T ones are great, though take a min to get used to, as they have a non-standard selection between mV and V, and a button for DC/AC (usually the other way around)

But they are very nice and accurate.
And if you need more accuracy, hit me (or somebody) up about learning to use the scope! You can get insanely accurate measurements there!


I would love to learn how to use the scope. Can trade beer or tomato plants for scope knowledge.


@Janet I would totally take tomato plants or beer in exchange for (basic) scope knowledge!

But if you’re looking to use the logic analyzer, I would probably be somewhat less helpful…

Hey thanks @climberdude. I’d be totally game for that when this whole Covid-19 business blows over!