Do we have a mower? Lawn needs mowed


Our dandelion crop is ready to be harvested…i.e. the lawn around VHS needs mowed. We’re responsible for that. Don’t think we have a mower do we? Also if anyone does decide to mow - please keep an eye out for needles and also please don’t mow down the rose that Steve planted next to the side door.


I’m really just seeing this as an opportunity for someone/anyone to modify their Roomba to cut grass… maybe we can call that one Grasston :stuck_out_tongue:


can we rent a goat?


Ah, yes, let’s give our autonomous robots huge spinning blades, what could possibly go wrong


A number of companies make them. OH! There’s even a robotic pool cleaner. Drives around on the pool floor, and will climb some angled walls!


Well if someone wants to loan a quad-copter we could mount it to the front of Lester Beaver Pearson…


I think I have a tiger torch around here somewhere… (before anyone gets any smart ideas, that was a joke…)


Mount the tiger torch to the beaver?


I can bring my weed whacker today probably


One of you savages can sharpen this, right?

I will pledge a dollar for each comical post related to “how to cut the yard” - as long as none of actually set fire to any of it. I have you at $7. Have at it and I will purchase this thing (unless someone says otherwise on this lawnmower).


I will pledge a dollar for each comical post

That is awesome. We can learn to sharpen it.

We could mount the cutter sideways on a wagon, disable the lid interlock and use a mirror to bounce the laser outwards. Then just walk down the sidewalk while it pew pew pews, the extension cord is long enough right?


I propose that we 3-D print a thousand nail clippers and mount them to drones.

edit: take THAT, TSA.


I will propose a literal bike shed to cut the lawn. We build a giant shed for bike storage which covers the entire lawn - thus stopping photosynthesis and grass growth and permanently eliminating the need for mowing.

The bikeshed will be painted pink.


So when we say “pink” are we talking like a dusty rose, a hot neon pink, a pastel, a dark pink that some would argue is more of a magenta, a dark pink that some would argue is more of a fuscia, a light red, or an agressive salmon?


Could we also motorize the siding of this bike shed to sweep out and cut any stray blades of grass/ankles of bike theives?


Okay, okay, but can we at least call the AI of the bikeshed Grasston and feed it with “The Dude” voice samples?


I brought my weedwhacker and stashed it in the Leopard Room tonight. It’s too wet to mow tonight, but if anyone gets to it before me, you’re welcome to borrow it. Please don’t take it home, stash it back when you’re done. :slight_smile:


You guys are totally over complicating this. The simplest thing would be to import 10 to 15 deer from the island and tell them that they have to stay on our strip of grass. That would manage itself from there on.


Picking up said lawn mower tomorrow and dropped at space in same room as hot water tank. Thanks for the LOLs, keep em coming.

Why dont we just take all the wood that is past the time limits and just lay it over the grass, smoothering life from the greenery?


Seeing that it’s the west wall… can we just make a computer controlled array of mirrors and lenses so that we can just sear the ends off?