Do we have a mower? Lawn needs mowed


Chad you are so great - thanks for the mower. We’ll try to amuse with continued lawnshedding.

I’m sure we can sharpen that mower. To the internetz!


Thanks Chad! That is awesome.

So its a push mower, that seems like work. Can we rig up an automated launch system?

What I figure is an array of ultrasonic range finders to measure the grass height. Once it exceeds a set value for a certain amount of time it releases an air valve and cannon that rapidly fires the mower the length of the yard. A second launcher catches it on the far side to repeat the process.


Paging Rube Goldberg.


Oooo sharpening instructions.


I suggest sealing in the soil nutrients below with concrete or blacktop. Perhaps paint a mural on top. Maybe a picture of grass?

Cedar planter boxes would also work but it makes it hard to open your car door if you park next to them. And you have to weed them.


Has anyone mowed yet? :slight_smile:


Blades need sharpened which I’m sure I can do (you know how I like knives). Here are some instructions if someone gets to it before I do.