Digital Microscope

I had left my portable Digital Microscope here at the space after the last build night. I bought it last week so that we’d have one for the build night, but it seems like it is getting a bit of use (that’s great!).

It is this model, and I like it very much.

Does the space want to buy one, or do we want to focus on a different model? I mostly bought this because it is portable, self-contained, and could be here in time for the build.

I know there were some better models (someone had a 4k one for $100usd) that can attach to our old stand.

I’m going to bring mine home (though I’ll bring it back for the build nights) but do we want to act on buying one? Does anyone have a preference of which one we should get?

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If a consensus is reached, put me down for 25% of the price, up to USD $25 :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a replacement camera that should fit VHS’s existing scope base/lens, should be here in a couple of weeks.


Can you post a link to the 4k unit for usd$100. Been looking for something like that for years.

unfortunately I don’t have it, and it was camera-only with a c-mount. I don’t remember who had it on slack but the history is probably gone by now.

Thanks, what do we owe you? :smiley:

Sorry, I misspoke, 2k:

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Hmm makes me wonder if i could hook up a stand for my old Nokia 808 Pureview with the 41MP camera.

Maybe with one of the digiscoping adapters I use for my spotting scope at the range.

Add some kind of lense Mount…

Advantage - i have most of the parts already

Disadvantage - pita to setup and use


Might be simpler to get that unit from AE.

I set up the new microscope last night for Mike’s class.

A few things to note about it:

  • It is a super advanced power-button-technology enabled microscope. Please use the power button, and do not disconnect the barrel jack like the old microscope required, otherwise the new microscope will eventually fall to the same fate as the old one did.
  • There’s an IR remote control for it also, which has a convenient button to enable grid lines (and also is another way to access the super advanced power-button-technology). Please don’t lose it - keep it with the microscope at all times! Maybe someone can label it, add some velcro to keep them together, etc?
  • It has a USB interface for taking high-res (theoretically 34MP) photos. It came with a CD with some software on too, if someone wants to zip that and upload it that’d be awesome. Someone… who has a CD drive still… ** blank look **
  • The monitor it’s using has no stand, so it’s just propped up right now. It’s a standard VESA mount monitor (75mm? The smaller size only unfortunately), so maybe it’d be a good project for someone to make one? We could just buy one, but that’s so un-VHS. I’m sure a lot of people also have spares kicking around.



I still use optical disc drives but I thought at least one of the computers that lives at the space has a (tray-loading) optical disc drive that can be used even if your own computer lacks an optical disc drive? I mentioned the tray because the slot-loading optical disc drives used by at least Apple notebook computers can only use 12-cm circular discs but you did not mention the size/diameter nor shape of the optical disc in question.

@rsim thanks so much for ordering that part. The resolution is insane! So nice to have this at the space. I’m pming you to send cash.

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