Computer parts donation request

Hi all, friends and I are trying to put together a gaming computer for a friend’s kid for Christmas and their birthday. They had to flee a dangerous housing situation this year so can’t afford gifts. Wasn’t sure if this would be makers making change post or not so I just put it here. Anyways looking for following if anyone has kicking around would like to donate or knows where I can get. Thanks!

Case, motherboard (that takes an i5-4570) and power-supply to complete the box, a monitor, keyboard, mouse

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@davonna do you know what wattage power supply you need for the build? I have a 400 watt one here which I’m happy to donate although it might be a little underpowered.

Edit: here are a bunch of builds that use that chip.

I’m nearby at 1st and Victoria and have one or two cases of elderly computers with ASUS i7 MBs, 8/16GB RAM, HDs and NVIDIA GTX GPUs. One’s very, very old but worked the last time I turned it on. The other has a Gen 4 i7, but won’t boot. I’ve never bothered to fix it. Would be happy to get rid of one of them after I wipe the drives and keep any SSDs. I’m too lazy to investigate them further unless you take one of them. Lemme know.

The was a seemingly new PC power supply (in its box) in the FreeCycle pile a few days back… NO idea what shape it was in but it looked new…

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Sure that would be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Need some more power for the video card so that’s not quite enough

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@davonna also worth emailing the hackery to see if they’d donate. They have tons of parts come through.


It’s not much, but I have the following I could give away:

  • Ryzen 3300X CPU (should work with any AM4 motherboard)
  • A random Asus 750Ti, 2GB VRAM maybe?
  • Likely ~8GB DDR4, possibly more

I have another one of those Dell monitors. They can have that if you still need a monitor. Same as the other one.

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Ill take the CPU if davonna doesn’t want it.

I can probably get you a few parts.

That would be great! I really am getting a ton of use out of the one you lent me. School is hectic

Consider it yours and the other one going to your friend’s kid.

I’ll see what else from my boxes I can wrangle up; I might have a spare mouse and/or keyboard in a box.

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I have a mobo CPU ram combo and ssd you can have. Don’t have case or GPU or tower. Needs atx case . For a regular build 400w or 500 is usually ok.

Also have gaming style keyboard and mouse.

They like stardew valley and genshin impact so far. Can definitely use keyboard and mouse, looks like they just got a monitor.

All that would be great thanks :smile:

Do they need a laptop also? Or just desktop?

If anyone wants to meet up at vhs next week to drop off things let me know a time that works

Just gaming desktop we are building

That would be great! Let me know when around vhs next and will pick up

Do you still need anything?