CNC bed training request

I am hoping to get trained on the CNC bed. I would like to get started on my camper project as soon as possible, the only thing holding me back is being trained on the tool needed to cut the stencils. It seems as though the CNC bed is the better option between the laser cutter and it. Any chance?

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Hi Mike,

I assume that you’re referring to the Wood CNC machine in the woodshop:

Hey @Lukeo, @lukecyca, or @Emerson, as owners/power users of the Wood CNC can you help?


correct Andrew, thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile:

This is also something I’d be interested in :smiley:

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anybody willing? There are two of us interested. I paid my dues to be a member 2 weeks ago, and I know this is all volunteer run, I do understand that, but please lets get some training done so that we can get going eh?

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Hey, we don’t get a lot of demand for CNC training, so we don’t have a regular process. @Lukeo built that one, not sure if he’s available right now. :slight_smile:

As a new member I want to learn how to use as many of the tools as I can. I am also a very reasonable teacher so when I learn something I can pass it on pretty well. So if some workshop can be hosted about any of the tools I will happily join in.

@Lukeo @lukecyca @emerson Is the machine functional? If not, the membership needs to know, and we need to put a maintenance sign up on it so that people don’t oversell it when giving tours.

@sparky: If you want to come in sometime this week or next, I can help you to get a stencil happening on the CNC equipment that I know for sure is running at the space, namely the laser. We can do sectional stencils out of thin plywood and use that to go to MDF if that’s your desire, or find some other workaround per your needs. I’ve found that the more flexible one is about the how, the less one has to compromise about the what and when of the final result.


I have never used it successfully. :sob:

I documented my efforts to get it do some basic profiling, and overcame the first couple issues, but ultimately gave up (see my last post in that thread). I talked with @Lukeo who is the main champion of this machine we agreed that it needs some major overhauls.

I know that @emerson did successfully use it for facing a piece of wood, where XY accuracy and rigidity is not very critical. It could also probably do ok profiling very thin wood or plastic no thicker than 1/4".

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Understood. Let’s get that documentation mirrored in the meat space so that we can head off this kind of issue going forward. Would you mind if I post an edited down/summary version of your documentation on the machine this afternoon?

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Once I am done with my thing, I would love to be involved in the building and maintaining of the CNC mill. I do have some experience with the CNC machines and would love to be involved in trying to make the machine functional.

Also if we can’t cnc wood because of rigidity, there is still a ton of use cases. We can engrave acrylic, and I have seen some prop shops use cnc sculpt close celled foam as a positive or mold making and vacuum forming. There is still a lot we can do.


@Metal_Janet Thank you very much for the offer! I would love to come in sometime to work with you on this. whenever you are free is fine for me, just let me know when. I deliver door dash as my main job, so I am very flexible as to my availabality.

Yes. Please do!

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I too would love to learn this

Could we get a little training workshop organised? We will have more bodies to throw at getting it operational if we get a few more people up to speed.