[canceled] $10 Product Photography Workshop: Thursday March 19th 6pm to 8pm

Photography Workshop (How to take better pictures on your phone in 5 mins)

A light box is a simple tool to get better picture for your project. This is a introduction workshop about how to use a light box. The goal is to get better pictures for your project on your phone quickly and easily. And with just a little bit of editing (also on your phone), you can get make your project amazing.

Here is an example:
Here is a random staple gun.

Here is the staple gun in the light box

And here is a quickly edited image.

I am hoping this will start a conversation among the photographic enthusiasts at the VHS.


This looks cool. I am interested in having a decent setup for photographing objects at VHS.

There is already an event on March 18th though. You didn’t post a time so maybe if you make this 5:30pm then it’ll be done before the Woodworkers Guild meeting.


oh Shit, should have checked the calendar. Well good to see the VHS is getting busy. Lets do it Thursday then from 6pm to 8 pm.

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Put a notice up in the coming events sign!
I think there’s still an empty slot, but the PWG meeting notice is kind-of a placeholder, it can be bumped if necessary.

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Yeung thanks for putting this on! Suddenly, I want to buy that stapler. :smiley:

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I’m also in for this. I need to photograph some miniatures and know zilch about lighting.

I’ll be there!

This looks cool. I am up to my armpits in work (VHS and personal) so not quite sure yet whether I can attend. Can the stuff you are teaching apply to bigger projects like, let’s say, a kitchen island?

Sorry - won’t be able to make this.

I have no idea what do do with a kitchen island. The thing i am teaching is pretty specific.

Aww that is too bad. I can just teach you when you are around.

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Awesome thanks - I will bring you food. :smiley:

Hey everyone, Due to the virus thing, Workshop is canceled. But i will still be there. So if you do not have a cold, come and hang out and take a few pictures.

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