Call for Metal Lathe Move Committee


Hi hackers,

The Metal Lathe is I believe the heaviest thing we have to move.

In the last move, it was partially disassembled onto pallets to reduce weight: Lathe Reassembly Instructions

However, it still took a large number of folks to move it.

If you are a lathe user or have the technical expertise to help break down the lathe, please self-organize a committee to help move it.

I’m tagging folks who I think are lathe stakeholders: @jimmy, @Dmo, @arwemakere, @Rob_MacKenzie, @rsim, @Big_Mak, @Rebel_without_Clause

Thanks for reading!


Hey, I took apart the lathe last time. My advice this time (having acquired a similar lathe of my own, and having moved it several times) would be to do things a bit differently. If at all possible, get an engine hoist or similar crane. We didn’t have one last time, hence the complete disassembly into hand-liftable parts.

If possible, lift the lathe and headstock as a single unit. This keeps the headstock aligned with the lathe bed so you won’t need to re-align the lathe at its new location.


Moving the machine at all will likely call for squaring it up again. You might as well take it apart. Let me know if you need any help doing this, I have all of the tools and plenty of experience doing it.


Dear God, yes, @Gear105, we need help.

Please post when you are available so we can make sure people are available to help.

@TyIsI, what is our pallet situation? Do we have enough heavy ones left to hold the lathe components?


Yes yes. Several weeks ago we discovered that only one bolt was holding the headstock in place; it could move by hand. I did my best guess, and had to tweak the tailstock as well. My availability is challenged, what with working in south Surrey, but I’ll try to be there when it’s moved / readjusted.


There are two heavy duty pallets in the loading bay that can be used for the lathe


I am finishing up a couple jobs but Thursday or Friday might work.


Thanks @Gear105,

What time would you be at the space? Morning or evening?


Evening at 5.


Brilliant, when you confirm the day (Thursday or Friday) I can be there at 6pm.

Can anyone else be at VHS earlier?


I’ll be down to help.


I am thinking Friday 6 works fine.


I can be there friday at 6.