Build a LipSync device

Hi friends, would any people with some solder skills be willing to build a LipSync device (mouse you use with your mouth)?

It’s not a “beginner solder” project, but is almost all through hole soldering. I previously hosted a few repair nights at VHS in the past. While I’ve done a bunch of virtual builds over the last year, LipSyncs are a bit too complicated for people that don’t have some soldering experience (especially in handling those pesky FSRs). You VHSers could likely blast through it quickly those. I would supply kits, I just need some people that want to spend a couple hours soldering. Website has a build guide, a video playlist of build, etc.

My thought is I will drop kits in the dropbox with people who are interested, and then I can host a zoom meeting to help those that need a hand / want to drink a beer with someone as they put it together.

My inventory is zero, and requests for this device are gaining steam right now.

Build A LipSync
  • Yes, I can build a LipSync kit.
  • Yes, I can build a LipSync kit but need the 3d printed parts
  • Nope, can’t do this right now.

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@chadleaman this is awesome. I hope we can help you get up to speed with orders. Would it help speed up production if you had more printers? We have a couple of loaners that can go out for two weeks at a time to members right now. (not sure how long those prints are).

chad. these are very cool… how many do you need to get done to 'restock"? Do people who need them just send in a request and you send them one? Is their colour preferences?

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@Janet if I bring home another 3d printer, my wife will make me put it where I usually sleep lol. I have some supply of prints and can keep those going. The rear shell of the LIpSync is the longer print, if anyone else wants to knock one out. LipSync/LipSync_Rear_Housing.STL at master · makersmakingchange/LipSync · GitHub

@winegummo we do sometimes get requests on color, but predominately, the Rear Shell (just linked) in black. As one user explained to me, the rear shell is what someone on the other side of a webcam will see – I used to do them all in red until someone mentioned they didn’t want to look like Rudolph lol.

My ideal world, I would have 15-20 on hand. Realistically, 10 would be amazing. Right now, I have zero (outside of my two sitting on my desk that i used for testing / gaming with son).


If you have the kits (including the 3D printed parts) I can bang off 5 pretty quickly…


can we like low key game-fy this?
i mean it’s some mutually beneficial social media contend screaming to happen.


I will give you all the social media love / newsletter hype / naming rights to future children (note: there is no intent on any more future children).

@packetbob that is amazing. Going to aim for this Friday for dropoff / give me time to print the rear shells, think I have extra of all other parts at office.

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Well I look forward to seeing little Vancouver H. Leaman down at the space. lol. Put me down for 5 kits with 3d parts also. I can make them at home with my setup. (can pick up at VHS of course)

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looks like lots of soldererers so i will look at the files tonight and do some printing.


Any chance it would help to have a load of pre-made boards? Then peeps who can’t solder could put the kits together. Some of us could pre-build a bunch of the boards with components. If not easier no worries.

I think the Vancouver can be implied from their location, so let’s go with Hack Space Leaman to keep it succinct. HSL! :rofl:

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Compelling idea-- the joystick part of the build is the hardest and most finicky, so that is where VHS steadyhanded folks is most appreciated. I can always catch up on prints down the road and put them in cases later – so yes, all built boards are loved boards and I can assemble later on request arise / someone wants in in teal lol.


Kay sounds like a plan. Chuck in 5 extra boards for me that I will do alongside the 5 kits.

What material is used for the 3d prints?

@SteveRoy @winegummo PLA, nothing fancy. Joystick parts are 50% infill, but the front and rear shell are standard .2 / 20% infill on my Ender.

Going into office on Wednesday and think I have lots of all 3d prints except the rear shell. Putting that stl here for anyone that is so inclined – IE if you don’t have time to solder but like to keep that 3D printer rolling, here is an STL.

All 3D files:

Rear shell specifically linked above.


I am down for 5-10
i would like to some 3d parts, but i have access to someone who can print out missing parts


put me down for 5 and 5 extra boards, the joystick part looks fun.


Nothing useful to add, other than wanting to say you folks are all pretty amazing.


Kudos to you for this design. it prints amazingly without supports.


I get zero of that credit @winegummo - previous did a lot of work, and most recent design is all @JDMc. Thank you for printing, i have two on go with printspeed on Ender dialed up so will see of the threading at the top stays intact. Fresh roll of filament hopefully helps!