Arduino Tutoring

Hi everyone,

I was recently introduced to VHS and I am looking for someone to tutor/teach my son Arduino!! His name is Jordan and he is 8.5 years old and extremely interested and always building new projects… every single day. I have been helping him but unfortunately I am not a coder and have limited troubleshooting abilities when projects have errors

Jordan is very enthusiastic, chatty and super smart. He is a very curious boy and I am seeking someone who is also keen and experienced in Arduino and / or potentially other electronics/ coding projects that can find projects, teach and guide/ mentor him.

Please feel free to call / text me @604-312-0752 and we can discuss your hourly rate and get acquainted!

Thank you!

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Hi Derek!

I don’t know if there are any individuals in our community who do tutoring for Arduino or electronics but it’s great that your son is enthusiastic about learning electronics and microcontroller programming! I’m sure we could point you towards some really good online resources or try to answer any specific questions.

VHS also has a pretty amazing library of electronic parts available to members. This spreadsheet lists a portion of things we have.
Vancouver Hack Space Electronics Parts Inventory - Google Drive and many of these parts are available at no charge, or on a “pay what you feel like” basis.

I would encourage you to book a tour of VHS Tour Requests from Non-members - #353 by arobinson note that we only allow people 19 and over to be members, but you can become a member and bring your son to work on projects under your direct supervision.

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Hey Derek,

In addition to everything that @JohnC said, membership comes with access to our Slack workspace, which has channels dedicated to electronics and embedded microprocessors such as Arduino. The community here is very open to helping new learners of any skill, would be more than happy to help with troubleshooting and directing Jordan to online tutorials and other resources. If you don’t find someone to be a dedicated tutor, or frankly, even if you do, this would also be an excellent option.

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