Another round of laser cutter training?

Now that @jon and @rsim have recalibrated the laser, I figure it’s time for another laser certification session for new members (including me!) Is anyone available to offer training?

The last round was a couple of months ago.

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I agree it’s about that time again, anyone else need to get trained? Time and date still TBD.

I’d like to do the training.

I’ve already done the training, but I haven’t used the machine once since, so I’d be up for a refresher!

I would like LC training…

I too would like to be instructified!

I’d also like in on this!

Me too. I still need to get trained.

Yes please! I’d be up for a refresher.

Yes! New member here. I am also interested in the laser cutter training session! :slight_smile:

like wise would be interested in a refresher as I previously did the course back in the old hack space but could use a refresher.

please see the post in Laser Cutter Training

Refreshers have been run ad-hoc. whenver people are available.