Alternatives to coming into the Space

We need to not gather or share space as much as we can right now, however, clearly this group is all about that.

What are some ideas on how to satisfy that same itch (to make, to be social, to collaborate, etc).

To start us off:
I’m hosting a weekly Fusion360 online VHS event to help with that itch. Check out the next one here:

What are your ideas?


If you have a printer, tape or glue, scissors/exacto and time you can make some very cool paper prototype stuff.


Ohh, on that note, check out the slicer in Fusion, you could use this to build things out of paper or card stock in a similar fashion!


Also learn to code! (free access through the Vancouver Public Library)

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Codeacademy is offering free access to students. I believe you just need a student email.

So can anyone make recommendations for a decent setup to stream so webinar type things? I have access to a Zoom account (but know nothing about usign it) and must have a webcam around somewhere but not sure what kind of video I can get from it. I’d want to be able to show a range of stuff from close up of a PCB to wide shot of work bench. And being tethered to a typical webcam USB cable seems pretty limiting…

My content would be a mix of PowerPoint style slides, commentary and examples…

Anyone have practical experience?

Zoom has a phone client so you could use your computer for talking and a phone for close ups

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Can you switch between the phone cam and a usb connected wider angle one?
Any ideas on sound as in getting decent audio from my talking?

Well, one would just be just like another person connected so both would show up.

How much are you looking to spend?

camtwist or OBS can handle multiple webcams and do switching, picture in picture, etc. pretty well. beyond that, budget for mic stuff comes into play.


Give me a DM and we can set up a time where we can jump on Zoom and I can give you a rundown and we can try out things.

Check out My new videoconf setup, looks like @lukecyca was able to set up another device as a camera, that would probably work in Zoom as. closeup (and you can switch cameras)

I’ll second OBS - it works really well, and is very flexible. The other major streaming software is XSplit, but I haven’t used it before to compare (OBS is free, XSplit is not). A useful feature of these dedicated streaming apps (as opposed to Zoom) are are their integration with YouTube and/or Twitch for sharing recordings of the streams.

I haven’t done any streams in a while, but my setup is a Samson C01U Pro mic and a Logitech C920 webcam. I’m going to try a lapel mic soon as they give you better audio when you’re shifting around (e.g. computer to workbench and back) and also don’t get in your (or the cameras) way like a mic on a boom does. If you do go with a regular mic, be aware of isolating it from vibrations - even typing with a non-clacky keyboard on the same desk that a mic is on can come over the audio very loud. It can make for very dramatic coding streams, but that’s likely not what you want. :wink:

My mic setup is a bit over the top, but I do spend hours a day on it - a Rode Podmic on a boom arm, into an XLR capture interface, but it works very well - gets the mic nice and close, and doesn’t pick up any rode noise despite an open window, and no keyboard pickup at all.

Very Dramatic Coding Streams

if that is what you want, I cheerfully endorse POWER MODE for VSCode, or other editors.