3d printer training?


I’m looking for training on the 3d printers. Is there an upcoming training I can join, or is somebody willing to arrange one?



@elizabot I can do training on a Tuesday night open house

Ohh I’d like to get in on that too please
Should we just come by next Tuesday ?

@TimothyKonrad yes, I’m down almost every Tuesday open house and plan on being down there this week.

@SteveRoy Unfortunately I have a conflict on Tuesdays :frowning:

I see that there are member hours on Thursday and Sunday - any chance of doing it during one of those times?

@elizabot Anyone who knows how to use the 3d printers could train you.
There isn’t a formal 3d printer committee and therefore not regular training like the laser cutter gets.
Just ask members on the days you are down there if someone can show you how to use them

I’m not an expert on 3d printing, but have done it a few times and can show you how on Thursday if you like


Thanks so much!

Hey im not going to able to make it in this p.m. either so if this goes down outside normal open houses let me know, otherwise it’ll have to be next Tuesday

@SteveRoy will you be in this eve ?

I probably won’t be in tonight. Anyone who is familiar with the 3D printers can train you.


Ya I got a primer already from luke. And I’ll ask around


I was trained a long time ago so had forgotten a lot of stuff on the Tinkerine. Recently I had to print a couple of thingiverse parts so I worked my way through the manual to do a print and it turned out to be pretty well written and got me printing again really quickly.

Hope this helps. I can also come in on Thursday night if you need a hand.

Edit: should also add I did a print last night and things are running well on the Tinkerine!

This is great

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Hey quick question can we print ABS?
Also before I try out the tinkerine is the cleaning finishing procedure with printers that you would keep.me.in all your good graces ?

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We can print ABS but not on the Tinkerine. You need a heated bed for that (like the Prusa). I’m pretty sure the Tinkerine is still borked due to having filament stuck in it (requires the head to be disassembled and cleaned out). Mebbe try posting to slack 3d printing channel to see wut is up.

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What are you trying to print Tim? there might be an alternative plastic.

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Parts for a prusa mrk 2 clone I figure building one is the best way to learn about printing.


there is definitly no shortage of how to’s by now. I think Prusa is currently printing everything in PETG. Which has its own set of print challenges. Some of the parts like control boxes etc could be printed with PLA. There is also some stronger rated PLA’s out there now.