3D printer guidelines and training requests

I’m looking for a 3D printer training. I’ll be around the space today and tomorrow or another time also works! Thanks!

Would like to get some training on the 3d printers. The pinned comments in slack brought me here. @Brian_Stubbs mentioned he could walk me through it, just wanted to post here to follow protocol.

I’d also like to get some training on the 3d printers. I had a “unofficial” intro on how to use one of them but I don’t really feel like I know enough to start printing and still have questions!

I have my own 3D printer (Ender 3 V2) and need help troubleshooting. I’ve read everything on the internet and I’m still not getting any results. It’s at my house, I’d pay for your time if you wanted or I’d come to wherever with it…though that doesn’t sound ideal for it if I get it fixed and then whack it on the way home.

Hi Matthew, do you want to start a new thread for debugging your printer? If you post photos of the results/problems we probably could help you get better prints.


I appreciate this reply, Mike. I’ve been trying that method in various forums for the last week now. I’m admitting my limits and acknowledging that I need someone better at this than me right in front of the printer. I’m overwhelmed.

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Hey Matthew,

I have been where you are at…here’s what I did. This is the cat’s meow of assembly videos for the Ender 3v2 and what I used to get mine square. I had followed other videos previously. I’m also fairly familar with 3d printers and I still found it frustrating. Creality Ender-3 V2 assembly and pro build tips - UPDATED 2021! - YouTube

VHS has a huge amount of 3D printer knowledge so as Mike said, I would also encourage you to post a troubleshooting thread. And of course I totally respect if you are done with that and still want hire someone to assemble it for you/troubleshoot please post over here in the commercial opps section of the site.


Thank you for your reply. To be clear; the printer is assembled and I’ve had many successful prints–my 1:1 scale Mjolnir is my pride and joy right now. The printer has also stopped working properly before and I’ve fixed it. If I watch one more video that’ll “fix all my problems” …I can’t. It’s making me miserable and I’d rather have an expert here helping.

I created a thread here: Hiring someone with 3D Printer knowledge to troubleshoot

Thank you for your time.

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No worries at all. Glad you posted in commercial ops and hope you can get that sorted soon!

Just bumping training requests to get back on topic.

It looks like these people are seeking 3d-printer training:


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I managed to organize the training I needed through slack. Thanks for following up though!!

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I’m still looking for some training! Thanks for bumping!

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@belgarathcjd I’d be happy to run you through some training.

Are you on slack? We can coordinate there for a time to meet at the space.


Thanks for doing this @Brian_Stubbs
I just don’t get down to VHS enough to be able to do training

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Hello, I am looking for some 3D printer training. I’d be available for Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and some Mondays. Thanks!

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Hey Justin are you in slack? Pop into the 3dprinting channel and you’ll find a training request form link pinned to the top.

Here’s that link! https://r.vanhack.ca/3dprintingtraining

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Thanks Janet, I am on Slack and will fill it out! :slight_smile:

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