Zuchinni Race 2023 VHS booth

I just confirmed that VHS will have a booth at the McSpadden County Fair / Zucchini Race on Sunday Sept 10th
We will probably bring out a 3d printer and offer tools and material for repair of Zucchini racers.

We will be needing volunteers.

Here if the form for volunteering at both zucchini race and car free day:


@dbynoe and I will be there with some variety of robot animal.

Can we set up a test ramp for people to check if their car goes straight?


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I don’t see why not. it’s a great idea.
Do you want to take the lead on building it? I am not sure if I have the bandwidth to make it.



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I can probably help out a bit at the booth if needed, l I’ll be there racing a zucchini with friends!

On that note, does anyone have a remote-operated noisemaking device I can borrow/have? For reasons?


The McSpadden County Fair Zucchini Race booth was a lot of fun!

We even helped with one emergency repair for the final round of racing!

Huge thank you to all the volunteers that made it happen
@pettet.david (David also devoted his entire saturday to Car Free day :pray:)

Also, special thanks to @TankGuy for helping me load the car in the morning and cleaning up after me.

Here’s the VHS booth zucchini racer entries:


Also want to thank @JohnC again for putting together the portable battery AC power supply:
it held up for both events, powering 3d printer, soldering iron and hot glue guns.

and it looks distinctly hackspace: