Young lad looking to rent a place in the Greater Vancouver area, thank you!


Christmas Greetings to all the Hackers!

A relative, a young lad of nineteen, is planning to start his studies in Logistics and Supply chain in the beautiful province of British Columbia!
He is looking rent an economical place for the semester starting Jan 2024.

(1) If you or anyone you know are looking to lease out a place in the New Westminster area (surrounding areas such as South East Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta and Surrey and those near the skytrain/bus lines are fine as well), please let me know, thank you! Please PM/DM me at the contact below with offers or pointers, thank you!

(2) He is planning to get his commercial Class I license ASAP and is looking for part-time work; on an average, he is allowed to work 20 hours per week on his international student visa.
He has experience driving stick shift commercial vehicles in Mumbai, India, dodging zig-zagging two-wheeler scooters, mopeds, food-carts, that is, vehicles that by tradition cannot be bothered to stop at stop signs; squeezing between incredibly tight spaces in narrow alleys to deliver catered meals, without hitting a single bicycle (traffic rules are not applicable to bicycles), human or animal in his two years of driving. Yes, he can read the minds of other drivers on the road and suicidal pedestrians, and has developed lightning fast reflexes. In other words, all the excitement of playing video games without having to have power on any game console or screen.

He has done Driver Safety and Hazardous Materials certification.
If anyone is need of an experienced commercial driver, please DM/PM me with offers or pointers, thank you!

Feel free to forward this message, thanks!

Cell: (Six Zero Four) Six Five Five - Six Seven Five Four

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