Xmas Eve is on a Tuesday - Should we cancel that open night?

I just noticed xmas eve falls on a Tuesday. I imagine things will be pretty slow and most people will be elsewhere so we won’t have a keyholder to open for the usual open house and visitors will be few.

Is anyone planning on opening on the 24th? If not I’ll take it out of the calendar.Thanks!


And…I have deleted the 24th open house from the calendar. Edit: if anyone fancies opening fire away.

Probably a good idea. What about the next one after that, New Years Eve?

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Oh yeah - the 31st also falls on the next Tuesday. If anyone wants to open - rock on - I imagine tho it’ll be pretty dead and then it can be a hassle getting home.

I can also remove that if needed.

We could also hold an alternative open night that week - on the Thursday perhaps? What do people think?

Sounds good to me, let’s move both open nights to the Thursdays after, I’m there anyway.


Calendar has been updated.
Open nights added for Dec 26th, 2019 and Jan 2nd 2020