WORKSHOP - WLED Pixel Controller - $35.00 (Wrap Up)

Want to start playing with addressable LEDs but don’t feel comfortable with programming an Arduino or ???
Always wanted to solder something but scared to try?
Need some animated LEDs for your cosplay project?
Want an easy to build project for your child?

Then this workshop may be for you. It will include a small easy to put together Wi-Fi enabled ESP8266 based LED controller that runs WLED. Also included is a 1 meter length of WS2812 addressable LEDs and a power supply (no case or mounting hardware is included)

You can find more build details here:

The workshop will include basic information on using addressable LEDS and the various ways to control them. We will then assemble the kits and get you controlling your LEDs.

You will need a Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop or smart phone) to access your WLED controller…

As for the dates I will try to accommodate the people interested
It won’t be till January (second week) and option could be a Wednesday evening or a Sat/Sunday morning (or both if needed)

The kit does require soldering (we will use the soldering equipment at the Space) and I think it’s suitable as a first soldering kit for kids (YMMV)…

Get carried away and your house can look like this:


Awesome - sounds like alot of fun and my solder skills definately need some improvement so count me in!

I am in

Thanks Bob, am interested in doing this with my one or both of my kids. Sunday morning would probably suit us best.

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Count me in!

I’d love to learn this! I have no electronic knowledge but sign me up!

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You don’t need any experience and it’s a pretty easy way to learn to solder…
The kit is reasonably easy and I have put together a build manual that you can check out:

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I’m in

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Hi Bob… is the workshop open to non-members? If so I’d love to do this with my two teenage daughters (3 kits).

Kind Regards

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Perhaps with an extras $5 per kit for VHS if that seems OK…

Would this kit work to light a small strip of LEDs (maybe about 6 inches long) using 3 AAA batteries? Might be perfect for a project I had in mind.

If the LEDs are addressable it may work but may be overkill…
The 4.5V supply of the batteries may not be enough for the ESP-01 8266 module
The ESP-01 module draws a few hundred mA so may drain the AAA batteries pretty quickly

You may be better just using a Arduino Nano to drive the LEDs

A little USB power bank is a good power source though.

AAAs are a little low current for a lot of lighting applications

I think I need to keep the AAAs, just created a separate post here with details about the project looking for suggestions :slight_smile:

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I am probably interested :slight_smile:

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If anyone wants to attend Bob’s awesome workshop but would like to learn to solder beforehand or just want a refresher pease pm me and I will get you going with the VHS blinky badge and the how-to-solder comic. The kit is 5bux donation to VHS and takes an hour or less to solder.


Sounds like fun, I would love to join!

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I am :100: in. Just say when! If it’s during the day I’ll bring my kid!!

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Interested and available for Saturday, maybe Sunday morning :smiley:

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