Workshop storage ideas for VHS: Photo album from Science World exhibits workshop

Hi everyone, I shared this link on Slack last week, but I realize that I can reach a wider audience here on the forum. Here’s an album of some of the photos I took of the Science World exhibits workshop last year before I was laid off

Let me know if you see any ideas that you’d like to see implemented at VHS.


Sweet! I see the wire rack which you duplicated for us at VHS…very nice. Beyond the corgi at the space :slight_smile: that vac pot is pretty awesome. It looks a lot bigger than ours and I wonder if a larger version at vhs would help people doing cosplay resin casting etc.

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I was wondering about those watercut hinges - how much weight can they support before flexing? I’ve been looking at Murphy Doors, and considering other types of hidden-hinge door solutions for my own workshop needs.

They flex, but they’re only intended for minimal use (doing repairs and maintenance), so sagging is ok in this application. That said, they really don’t sag much at all, I was very surprised.