Workshop Run#2: Fine Mitered Keepsake Box

Run #2 of the highly desirable fine mitered keepsake box workshop will take place in 2 weeks time.

In this 3-session workshop you will build a fine box exactly like those shown in the photos, and learn some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ to get tight-fitting miters and inlays, as well as correct any minor mistakes or imperfections that are common in any woodworking project.

Fine box making is not a speedy task, and as such I have saved you some of the monotonous prep work by having many of the pieces pre-ripped and pre-planed.
This allows you to put your focus on learning the finer details and more skill-intensive aspects such as miters, dados, inlays, and hinge-mortising.

Due to the level of detail involved in this workshop it can be offered to a maximum of 2 persons at a time, who must already be VHS members and have table saw training.
Included in the cost of this workshop are top-tier carefully selected hardwoods to choose from, top-tier brass Brusso box hinges ($50 per pair at Lee Valley), and top-tier Osmo hardwax oil for you to apply at home after completing your box (not to be used on the VHS premesis!), use of my jigs, sharp chisels, and specially purchased box clamps.
Again offered at a discount price of $190, of which part of the proceeds go back to VHS.

The 3 sessions:

1) Sat, June 8th: 9:30am to 1pm
-Select your wood species and sand inner faces, cut, fit, and glue miters, dados, box floor
Approximate duration 3h30m

2) Sun, June 9th: 9:30am to 1:30pm
-Cut and glue miter splines, fit and glue lid and inlay
Approximate duration 4h

3) Sat, June 15th: 9:30am to 1:30pm
-Flush sanding, hinge mortising and install, ease edges, touchups
Approximate duration 4h

The 2 seats will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis, however priority will need be given to those who had previously expressed their interest on the post for the first run of the workshop:

@Rebel_without_Clause, @Phillip_Ma, @MLeiper, @nicochecko

Looking forward to hearing from those with an interest!


Put me in coach

Awesome Nico, your in!!

I definitely wanna!

Fantastic Michael! Your in!!

Please add me to your interested list!

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No problemo Amanda, you will be in mind for the next run!

I’m also interested in future workshops!


Hi Peter,
You will be kept in mind for the next run!