Workshop: Fine Mitered Keepsake Box

I will be hosting a workshop on how to build fine mitered keepsake boxes, as requested by @Rebel_without_Clause.
In this 3-session workshop of around 2hours per session, you will build a fine box exactly like those shown in the photos, and learn some of the tricks of the trade to get tight-fitting miters and inlays, as well as correct any minor mistakes or imperfections that are common in any woodworking project.

As this is the debut run of my workshop, it is currenty being offered to 2 persons at a time, who must already be VHS members and have table saw training.
Included in the cost of this workshop are top-tier carefully selected hardwoods to choose from, top-tier brass Brusso box hinges ($50 per pair at Lee Valley), and top-tier Osmo hardwax oil for you to apply at home after completing your box, use of my jigs, sharp chisels, and specially purchased box clamps.
Offered at a discount debut price of $190, of which part of the proceeds go back to VHS.

Currently looking at hosting the 3 sessions on the mornings of Saturday May11th, Sunday May 12th, and Saturday May 18th.
Other dates are a possibility if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from those looking to step-up their craftsmanship and build like a perfectionist!


That’s wonderful, thank you! Unfortunately leg issues are keeping from standing long stretches of time, therefore, waiting for the next iteration of this workshop.


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I’d like to participate but sadly I’m travelling through those dates. @Atlas makes some of the nicest woodworking projects at vhs and I think he will do an awesome job with this workshop!


Thanks Phil!
Enjoy your trip!

Ooh I’d like to sign up! I meet the criteria, and could definitely use some pointers to work towards more refined craftsmanship!

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Hi Yannick,
Awesome! First spot is reserved for you!

I have realized that Sunday the 12th is Mothers day, but we would be done with everything by 11am or 12pm.
Would you prefer to move the second day to a weeknight at 530 or 6pm, or does the Sunday work for you?

Definitely interested , but I’ll have to wait for another round. I have unalterable plans for May 11th. Count me in for next time.

Sorry to hear, and I hope you feel better soon!

The next run will include you!

Sunday actually works best for me, as long as it works for you! Weeknights I wouldn’t be able to make it to the space until ~7pm.

Does a start time of 9:30am on Saturday the 11th work for you?

Sent you a dm on slack!

I couldn’t make these dates work, but really looking forward to the next one!

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Hi Nico,
You are more than welcome to join in on the next round!