Workshop Etiquette/Space Access during Workshops


Hi all,

Just a quick reminder about workshops and space access:

While in the past keyholders bottomlining events have also opened the space for non-keyholder member usage, this is not a rule.

It’s entirely up to keyholders at VHS whether or not they wish to open the space to general member usage. Please consult to confirm space availability and avoid disappointment.

Also, should the space be made available to non-keyholders, please consider doing noisy and/or smelly activities in the loading bay.

Workshops are often an excellent recruitment opportunity for new members, so let’s try and ensure they get the best impression of the VHS community.

Thanks for reading!


I’m very tempted to suggest that there should be 3 pricing tiers:

  1. Member - $20
  2. Keyholder - $90
  3. Something like a ‘Community Leader’ or ‘Champion’ or something like that - $5
  4. Bonus! Community Access Member - $5 to access the forums and slack.

(suggested pricing set to invite discussion only)

It’s not fair that two individuals contributing wildly different levels of effort towards member service pay equal amounts. This might sound funny, but I feel like this is logical and fair.

If things start to shift and the space is available throughout the week, maybe member prices go back up to $30.

I’m just going to point out, if it wasn’t for other Mike Taylor and Mimi helping me on Wednesdays, I’d still be printing 3D parts right now. Same with the less easily identifiable Tuesday stewards.

Consider two people:

  1. Flat out doesn’t want to concern themselves with recruitment or retention activities and is willing to pay a premium for it.

  2. Has won over the good graces of the board and deemed suitable to act as a certified representative of VHS.

[I’m not sure if I was supposed to post this here]


see this proposal:
is this what you are envisioning? we are discussing this at QGM


I can’t access that page but I second the motion.


Now you can


Usually, you need to request to be added to the member-only lists once you become a member, since Talk is open to general public.

I am going to go ahead and add you.